For those who know it is time for a change



re:FORM is  course for those wanting to break-through in an area of their life, experiencing whole-person transformation.


  • Engage in the DAILY CONTENT – 6 readings/week, for 6 weeks.

  • Weekly GROUP MEETINGS – to process content and pray together.

  • Attend a mid-course WEEKEND RETREAT – for maximum impact.



re:FORM takes a deep-dive into the journey of genuine transformation of soul and spirit. 

There is more to behavioural change and spiritual maturity than a constant cycle of: sin; sorry; repeat. True spiritual maturity is about being empowered to live by the Spirit, it is not about trying harder.

re:FORM provides a powerful pathway of identifying where we need to experience change, through to powerful repentance and a faith that leans on God to provide.